About Us

The Philosophy

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who come to Big House want to work here because we've created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. We aim to become a leader in the recycling of converters, batteries, and non-ferrous materials. The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of client focus that is superior to that offered by our competitors, with a precise process that gives us the leading edge.

To help achieve this objective, we seek to attract highly motivated individuals that want to work as a team and share in the commitment, dedication, risk taking and discipline required to achieve our vision. Part of attracting these special individuals will be to build a culture that promotes both uniqueness and a bias for action. While we will be realistic in setting goals and expectations, we will also be aggressive in reaching our objectives. This success will in turn enable us to give our employees above average compensation and innovative benefits, which are key elements in helping maintain our leadership position in the worldwide marketplace.

The relationship

Big House Converters was the brain child of Eric Grand-Maison, our current President and CEO. After losing his job as Sales Manager at an auto body shop in Burnaby, BC in 2005, Eric discovered the value of Catalytic Converters from a customer. He learned he could collect them and sell them to this customer. So, undergoing a two day crash course on the value of each converter, Eric launched out, by faith, to “strike it rich” in the converter business. Eric quickly learned that schooling has a cost associated to it and what little money he made went to purchase tools necessary to remove the converters from junk vehicles. Quickly Eric learned to correctly value the materials and struck out throughout the Lower Mainland of BC and Washington State. In 2008 Eric relocated to Alberta and vowed to be the one catalytic buyer that the public could trust. Today, the goal of Big House Converters is to be the most trusted and most competitive buyer, processor and assayer of PGM Catalyst Materials in the marketplace. We truly are the Fair and Professional Metals Recycler.

The Promise

  • Quality Service

    Big House will provide you with courteous, prompt, professional and dependable service.

  • Professionalism

    The term “professional” is not commonly used when talking about the recycling industry. Big House will lead the industry standard for professionalism.

  • Competition

    We will offer you the most competitive pricing. We know that the recycling industry is currently under-served for the refinement of precious metals and other non-ferrous material. We also know that the refinement of catalysts is a highly specialized process; thus, the processes we put in place will lead the industry and provide you with the most for your material.

The Test

Finally, the only way you will know if this is true or hyperbole, is to come by and check us out! We look forward to a long standing relationship with you, too.


Team Big House


Eric Grand-Maison - CEO

In 2005, though I knew nothing about converters, I moved forward by faith and began purchasing them throughout BC, the Island, and into Washington. Along the way, I met my wife, moved to Calgary and continued to find companies to trust me to purchase their catalytic converters for a fair and honest price.


Donald Cline - CFO

Don began his business management career upon discharge from the US Coast Guard in 1977. He joined the Big House team in 2016 and has aided in the direction and growth of The Company. In his spare time Don Pastors to the imprisoned in Washington State, garnering him the nickname, “Padre”.


John Bray - CSO

John brings a wealth of knowledge that enables him to see the big picture. He started his career in the army serving as a logistics service man in Canada, overseas with NATO, and at sea with the Navy. As John says, “there are four kinds of people in my world… starters, those that carry it in the middle, finishers and all of the aforementioned combined. I strive to be all four, every day.”

The Family