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If you ride motorcycles, work in loud environments, are a frequent concert goer, perform in a band, shoot weapons, or a myriad of other lifestyle choices, you can only benefit by wearing a form of hearing protection while you partake in any of these activities.

Earplugs are devices inserted into the ear canal for protection against loud sounds, water, dust, wind and other foreign bodies. Usually, these are made of foam, silicone, plastic or wax. However, although widely available, these are not used as commonly as they should be for protecting hearing. For instance, in sports events or concerts where sounds could reach up to over 100 decibels, how many people actually wear earplugs? You would think that as a safety precaution, more people would use them. In reality, not enough individuals know about the importance of wearing earplugs until symptoms of hearing impairment appear.

The damage comes from a lack of attention and either inaction on the part of the individual even after receiving warnings or due in part to total ignorance of the consequences of one’s actions.

As in every aspect of human life, we must take hold of our habits and build positive habits into our lifestyles. Just being on this site and reading these words is the first step, what follows is up to you whether you choose to make hearing conservation a consistent part of your life or not lies in your hands.

Customized earplugs are personalized since they ensure proper fitting each time they are worn. These can also be used for many purposes such as those that were previously mentioned. Hearing protection is provided by creating a tight and perfectly fitting seal on the ear canal.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Big House is Your Local Big Ear Provider

Relax in our clean and professional environment at Big House Converters while you are fitted for your own custom hearing protection by our trained Big Ear Specialist.

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